Aftercure: for teenage and young adult survivors of childhood cancer

You are one of an increasing number of teenagers and young adults who have been treated successfully for childhood cancer. Nowadays, there are over 35,000 survivors of childhood cancer in the UK so you are not alone.

You may have many questions about what happens next, and how your diagnosis and treatment may affect your future life.

The information on this website has been written by cancer experts and helps answer some questions you might have and explain why you may still need follow-up care.

What happens next2What happens next?

As a survivor of childhood cancer it is important you are offered the opportunity to review your previous treatment in a specialist long-term follow-up clinic. You may know a lot about your illness or you may know very little.

Long-term follow-up clinics provide you with an opportunity to learn about and plan, together with your follow-up team, the follow up you will require. Follow up at this stage in your journey aims to detect and manage any problems caused by your cancer or its treatment to ensure you have the best possible quality of life.

Follow up care

What do I need to know2What do I need to know?

You may have lots of questions about life after treatment.

We hope that these information sections will help to answer many of the questions you have on surviving cancer as a child, teenager or young adult.

After cancer


Other childhood cancer survivors share their experiences of life after treatment.

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