Girl being looked after by nurse

Clinical treatment guidelines

We develop national clinical treatment guidelines ensuring safe, consistent and standardised care for children with cancer.

Where possible, children with cancer are treated on clinical trials. However, the nature of research means that there will not always be open trials for some childhood cancers and using treatment guidelines is vital for ensuring equality of access to what is regarded by national experts as the best possible treatment currently available.

CCLG members regularly review guidance and recommendations to cover all of the major children's cancers, including leukaemia. Our guidelines are written by national experts in the field of each tumour type, usually by members of the relevant CCLG Special Interest Group. Guidance and recommendations draw on evidence from international research and treatment protocols, and the aim is to ensure guidance is consistent with the standard of care internationally.

The CCLG Guideline Development Committee is responsible for supporting our membership to develop guidance and recommendations, and to review draft recommendations prior to their publication. The committee is also working towards NICE Accreditation.