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About Us


The Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) is the only charity dedicated to supporting the work of those looking after children and younger teenagers with cancer. Our aim is to develop the highest standards of care for children and support research and development into curing more children.

Survival for children with cancer in the UK has improved dramatically from less than 10% in 1970 to nearly 80% today. This astounding success is attributed to national collaborations spearheaded by CCLG over the last three decades.

Unfortunately, three out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive their disease. CCLG members are dedicated and committed to improve treatment, advance research and fight cancer to ensure all children can be cured of cancer.

Through a network of specialist centres, our members aim to provide the best possible treatment for all children with cancer and leukaemia, wherever they live, and as close to home as possible.

We are able to continue with our vital work and activities thanks to our tireless supporters and fundraisers raising the profile of childhood cancer and providing essential funding to enable the important work of our members to continue.

Supporting our members to cure even more children

'Caring for children - curing their cancer' is our priority. We bring together all relevant healthcare professionals to:

- Advocate excellence and equal access to cancer care
- Promote research and development
- Share and guide best practice
- Advance education, training and professional development
- Form networks of colleagues
- Raise funds to support these activities

Supporting scientific research with vital funds and grants

We offer funds and grants to research communities to discover new treatment methods and help push the boundaries to find ways of curing cancer.

We are able to offer ring-fenced funds for specific tumour types. Our supporters will therefore know that money raised for a particular cause will be placed in a dedicated fund. This will then be passed onto researchers in the form of research grants.

Supporting families with our award-winning information resources

Browse our extensive award-winning publications portfolio ensuring essential information and support is available to families free of charge at a very difficult and distressing time.

We also publish a free quarterly magazine entitled Contact for families of children and young people with cancer.


Supporting biological research

We support biological research through tissue banking to give us a better understanding about the nature of childhood cancer and actively promote this activity to patients.

Find out more about the CCLG Tissue Bank