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Information for researchers

The CCLG Biological Studies Steering Group welcomes applications to access samples from the CCLG Tissue Bank from all researchers carrying out biological investigations of childhood cancer.

All researchers are eligible to apply for samples from the CCLG Tissue Bank and do not have to be a CCLG member. Our protocol means that successful applicants do not require separate ethical approval.

We trust that you will make use of this invaluable resource to advance your own research and help in the fight against childhood cancer.

For any general enquires please email 

Guidelines for applicants (Aug 2015)

Guidelines for reviewers (Aug 2015)

Biological study application form (May 2016)

You can access the anonymised CCLG Tissue Bank search engine to find out the number and types of tissue samples held in the Tissue Bank. Prior to submitting an application to the Bank, you should contact the Tissue Bank team on to determine the availability of samples as search engine results may include samples already allocated to studies.

CCLG Tissue Bank search engine

You can also view representative H&E stained sections from paraffin blocks via the Digital Image Hub

Access to the Digital Image Hub - paraffin sections

Researchers with approved projects with the Bank must download and complete annual progress and end of study reports

Annual report form 2016

End of study report form (Sep 2015)