Blood samples

Information for Banking Centres

The map below shows all the hospital centres that contribute samples to the CCLG Tissue Bank

Tissue banking centres map

The CCLG Tissue Bank has National Research Ethics Service (NRES) approval for consent to be taken for tissue in the UK and Ireland. This tissue can be used for biological research into childhood cancers.

All registered Tissue Banking Centres can access the current CCLG Tissue Bank tissue registration forms and other relevant documents below

NRES approval letter - amendment 1 (22 July 2015)

NRES Research Tissue Bank approval letter (18 June 2013)

If you require a hard copy of the protocol, please email

Parent/guardian and patient information leaflets

If you require hard copies of consent forms or information leaflets, please email

Supporting documents

Specimen registration form (Form A) v5.0, May 2015

DNA registration form (Form B) v6.0, May 2015

Personalised centre tissue registration forms can be requested from the CCLG Tissue Bank Manager

CCLG Tissue Bank guidelines (February 2011)

SOPs for Centres

SOP 001 - Registration of all tissue samples (version 3.0, 20 July 2016)

SOP 002 - Collection and freezing of tissue samples (version 2.0, 20 July 2016)

SOP 003 - Banking of FFPE material (version 2.0, 20 July 2016)

SOP 004 - Collection of whole blood samples in EDTA tubes for constitutional DNA extraction (version 2.0, 20 July 2016)