Doctor talking to girl in hospital

e-Learning for health professionals

Cancer is a key priority, locally, nationally and internationally and caring for children and young people with cancer requires a range of specific knowledge, skills and experience to deliver complex care regimes both within the hospital or community environment.

The CCLG/RCN have designed and developed e-learning resources for health professionals caring for children and young people with cancer across the globe.

This course builds upon the original modules which were developed and delivered through the Paediatric Oncology Nurses Forum (PONF), RCN (Nurse Educators) and Warwick University, however this has now ceased to run.

The previous course had 10196 members from 118 countries across the globe with free access 24/7. The CCLG/RCN Nurse Education Group will continue to add to this resource and keep it up to date. We hope you find this useful in your daily work as a health professional.

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