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The Ted Newton Legacy

Introducing The Ted Newton Legacy - collect your loose change and help us to save more young lives.

To celebrate the outstanding contribution Ted Newton has made for many years to The Adam Hay Fund, a Special Named Fund at CCLG, to mark his 100th birthday we are launching the Ted Newton Legacy to continue and develop the difference such a contribution makes to children with cancer.

Ted empties his pockets of loose change every evening and puts it in a jar. Each quarter he pays it in to the bank and donates the sum to The Adam Hay Fund. He doesn't miss the change, But this small, regular gift keeps Adam in his mind, a close young friend, who lost his life to neuroblastoma, aged 10.

If Ted's simple way of making a difference was multiplied by 10, we could support a Post Doctorate Scientist for a month in a lab; if it was multiplied by 100 our UK specialists could collaborate with colleagues all over the world to share and develop strategies to improve treatments; if it was multiplied by 1000 a new research study or clinical trial could be prepared taking patients one more step towards a cure.

Join Ted, and help us to save more young lives.

Taking part is simple - collect your loose change (or order one of our free cardboard collecting boxes), and each quarter, pay your change into the bank and donate the sum to CCLG. You can make a general donation to support all of our work, or donate to a Special Named Fund supporting research into a particular type of childhood cancer. Just let us know when you make your donation. 

You can pay in your donation online, or send us a cheque. Every penny will make a difference.