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Contact Spring 2017: Changes in body image and appearance

Cancer treatment can cause a number of physical changes within a short period of time. These can be deeply upsetting and shocking for both patients and families, and are a constant reminder of cancer when looking in the mirror.

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Contact Autumn 2016: Now and then

Issue 72: Autumn 2016
Now and then
Back to basics: What's changed
Special supplement: Where are they now?

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Contact Summer 2016: Keeping active

Issue 71: Summer 2016
Keeping active
Back to basics: Keeping active

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Contact Spring 2016: Enjoying life

Issue 70: Spring 2016
Enjoying life
Back to basics: Parents...enjoying life?

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Contact Winter 2015: About research

Issue 69: Winter 2015
About research
Back to basics: How does clinical research work?

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