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Big Bake Sale for Children's Cancer

Get baking, have some fun (and a slice of cake!) and make a donation to CCLG!

Cakes5By taking part you’ll be helping us to support children with cancer and their families, and find new treatments and cures.

Taking part is easy!

  • Choose a date and venue for your Big Bake Sale and let everyone know about it! We’re encouraging bakers to get their aprons on this May (but you can organise a Big Bake Sale at any time of the year!)
  • Ask everyone at work, school or wherever you’re holding your Big Bake Sale to get baking and make some delicious goodies for your sale.
  • Have some fun, and know that you’re making a difference to children and young people with cancer.

Cakes6Your free fundraising kit

Your fundraising kit contains everything you need to make your Big Bake Sale a huge success, including information about CCLG and our work, posters to promote your event, and the all-important donations box!

Order your free Big Bake Sale for Children's Cancer fundraising pack

You can also download some finishing touches for your Big Bake Sale below...

The recipe for success...

As well as selling cakes, there are lots of ways to have a little fun (and raise some extra cash) at your Big Bake Sale...

  • Put the kettle on! Everyone loves a cuppa with their cake, so why not collect extra donations for tea and coffee?
  • Competition time... holding a bake-off style competition is a great way to encourage everyone to get baking
  • You could also hold a raffle, or make your Big Bake Sale part of a dress-down or non-uniform day.

Share your Big Bake Sale with us!

Cakes3We'd love to see pictures of your Big Bake Sale. You can post them to our Facebook page or tweet us using #BigBakeSale. We might share your pictures or use them for publicity, so check everyone is happy for you to post them!

Keeping it safe and legal

Make sure all your ingredients are fresh and food is prepared, handled and stored hygienically. There is more advice on the Food Standards Agency website. Be aware that some people may have allergies, so it’s handy to know what ingredients have gone into your cakes. Visit our website for more tips on running your event.

Pay in your money

After your Big Bake Sale, there are a couple of easy ways to send us your hard-earned funds.

You can make a secure online payment below, using a debit or credit card, or PayPal.

Pay in your Big Bake Sale money online

Other ways to pay in your money

Don't forget...

  • However you pay in your funds, if you have a completed Gift Aid form, please post it to us at the above address so we can claim an extra 25p for every eligible £1 donated.
  • If you're raising funds for one of our Special Named Funds, please let us know so we can allocate your donation correctly.

Download fundraising materials

Your free Big Bake Sale for Children's Cancer fundraising pack has everything you need to ensure your event is easy and fun. Please contact us if you need extra materials, or download them below. If you're holding a larger event, and would like collection boxes, information about CCLG for your supporters, or CCLG merchandise (like pin badges and wristbands) to sell, you can order these online.

Your Big Bake Sale 
fundraising guide

Bake Sale Fundraising Guide


Big Bake Sale
sweepstake game



Big Bake Sale 
event poster - add your details

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Big Bake Sale
thank you poster

CCLG Big Bake Sale 2017 A4 Thank You Poster-01


Big Bake Sale
Gift Aid donations form



Add some finishing touches to your Big Bake Sale...

Time to get creative outside the kitchen, show off your baked delights with some finishing touches! Make your own Big Bake Sale decorations with our free printables


Download our Big Bake Sale decorations