Facing the death of your child and bereavement

When a child dies, it simply does not make any logical sense. We do not expect to outlive our children. It is not the normal way of things. Suddenly, all the promise of that young life has gone. The sadness and grief can be overwhelming and it can feel as if nobody understands your pain.

This section of our website will try to convey what some parents and professionals have found to be helpful or unhelpful at this very difficult time. We could not address all cultural, ethnic, spiritual and religious points of view, and acknowledge that this section is largely written from the Western perspective. Thoughout the section, we have referred to 'parents', by which we mean the main carers of the ill child.

This section is broken up into smaller pieces, which you can read at the right time for you.

Preparing for your child's death

When your child dies

After your child's death

Sources of help and support

Our useful links section has information about a wide variety of organisations that may be able to offer support at this time.

The information in this section is taken from our booklet 'Facing the death of your child', which contains more detailed information. Copies are available from your child's hospital, or you can download or order a free copy directly from our website. We also publish a booklet called 'Bereavement: sources of help and support' which your family, friends and child's school may find helpful.

Facing the death of your child booklet

Bereavement: sources of help and support booklet