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What is World Cancer Day?

In the UK and Ireland, around 30 children (up to the age of 15) are diagnosed with cancer each week. This is around 1 in every 500 children, or around 1600 children a year. There are a further 2,200 diagnoses in teenagers and young adults.

Cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers. On average, 82% (over 8 in 10) of all children can now be completely cured. For some types of children’s cancer, the cure rate is much higher. However, for some types of childhood cancer, cure rates are much lower and less progress has been made. Further research is urgently needed.

Cancer remains the number 1 cause of death by disease for children. Sadly, around 250 children and a further 300 teenagers and young adults die from cancer each year.

Find out more about childhood cancer

Over the last 40 years, CCLG has played a key role in the major improvements in survival rates and standards of care for children. We bring together childhood cancer professionals to ensure all children receive the best possible treatment and care.

As there are still some childhood cancers with a poor outlook, and many treatments can have long lasting side effects, further research is vital, and the ultimate aim of CCLG is to cure as many children as possible while reducing the short and long-term effects of treatment. We fund and support research into childhood cancer.

Treatment is given in a specialist centre, often given many miles from home, and for some cancers will last for up to three years. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience, and the emotional and practical implications of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment can be hugely challenging for the whole family. We help young patients and their families with our expert, high quality and award-winning information.  

Working together

This World Cancer Day, CCLG is working with nine other charities to unite everyone in a simple but powerful life changing act – wearing a Unity Band®. By joining forces we will make a bigger impact in transforming the lives of millions who are affected by cancer.

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