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Current projects

We are currently at the forefront of several key strategic national projects which will have long-term benefits for all future children diagnosed with cancer.  

1) Collection of patient data to improve treatments

Our members are at the centre of a drive to improve long-term monitoring and evaluation of all children with cancer via data collection. This is the process of gathering and measuring information to enable doctors and researchers to evaluate outcomes and analyse statistics, particularly for the years after treatment has finished. This will help to identify the success of treatments and where improvements can be made. We are working in partnership with NHS England, other charities, Public Health England and the National Cancer Intelligence Network to drive this key objective forward. 

2) Development of national chemotherapy algorithms

Our experts are working with NHS England to develop national chemotherapy algorithms (or pathways) which will be standard treatment regimens for all children diagnosed with cancer across the UK. 

The algorithms will be developed in line with our current treatment guidelines and will also support equal access to treatments so that all children receive the same treatment, no matter where they are treated.

3) Expert input into national policy for children with cancer

CCLG is part of the NHS England Specialised Commissioning Clinical Reference Group (CRG) for children’s cancers. We advise NHS England on the development and commissioning of services for children with cancer. We also advise The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We ensure that the voice of children’s cancer professionals is heard at each stage of the development process for guidance and quality standards.

In 2015, CCLG was involved in the Independent Cancer Task Force, ensuring that priorities for children, teenagers and young adults with cancer were taken into consideration. The report of the Task Force, ‘Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020’ was published in Summer 2015.

4) UK voice for collaboration with European cancer centres

CCLG and its members are active in the International Society for Paediatric Oncology Europe (SIOP Europe), participating and leading key collaborative European projects.

We engage with the European paediatric oncology community for the benefit of our own patients, but also participate in initiatives aiming to provide equality of access across Europe. Many issues affecting other European countries overlap with our own – for example the issue of data collection outside of clinical trials – and by working together we can develop effective solutions.