Team Olivia

Team Olivia was set up a couple of years ago when Jo's daughter Olivia had just completed her treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Jo says "we wanted to do something really positive - giving something back and also having fun along the way with family and friends. We've raised over £25,000 since then - it's only a very small contribution to the millions needed, but it all adds up and charities depend on fundraisers like us to make things happen."

One of the most difficult things Olivia had to handle was returning to school after her treatment. 'Welcome Back' was a Cancer Research UK publication for schools to help teachers be more aware of what to expect and how to support teenagers and children when returning to school during and after treatment for cancer. Out of print for some time, CCLG's Publications Committee knew 'Welcome Back' was considered important and wanted to take on the task of fully updating and republishing it. Team Olivia was asked if they would be interested in raising funds to support production of 'Welcome Back'.

What was so great about this particular venture was that Team Olivia's fundraising was going to something very specific and to an initiative which was really personal to the journey we had been on - which made it all the more satisfying. We held a really successful fundraising dinner and raised over £8000 which was much more than we had anticipated.

Jo Jones

Team Olivia subsequently held another successful fundraising dinner to raise funds for a CCLG Tissue Bank pilot study into lymphoma.