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Supporting charities to fund research

CCLG is pleased to be able to support other (often smaller or family-run) charities to meet their research aims and fund research into childhood cancer.

Partnerships can vary, but CCLG can support charities to fund research by:

  • Using our national and international networks to promote a call for funding applications
  • Using our Special Interest Groups and other networks to identify important research to be funded
  • Using our medical and scientific expertise to review applications for research funding, to ensure that money is spent where it is most needed and will have the most impact
  • Managing funding agreements, including making grants, collecting reports from researchers during the grant and liaising with the funding charity

If your charity is interested in working with us to meet your research aims, fund research or simply ask advice about research funding, we would be happy to help. Please contact our Executive Director, Ashley Gamble. This is a free service to support charities fund world-class research, and further CCLG's aim to support research into children's cancers.

The Little Princess Trust

We are delighted to be working with The Little Princess Trust to establish a funding programme to support research into childhood cancers.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people. Since their inception in 2006 the charity has now helped nearly 4,000 children and will continue to provide support for as long as the need is there. The Little Princess Trust has received a tremendous amount of support over the last 10 years which has enabled them to further develop their work and they are now investing in research into childhood cancers. Since the charity's main purpose is dealing with one of the side effects of cancer treatment, they have a particular interest in kinder, less aggressive treatments.

The research that the Trust aims to fund aligns perfectly with our  published research strategy. CCLG will manage the Trust’s research funding programme, using our established expertise in supporting research. Together we aim to fund world-class research that will ultimately improve the outlook for children affected by cancer.

Wendy Tarplee-Morris, founder and Trustee of The Little Princess Trust said, “This is a very exciting time for our charity, and we are glad to be working with CCLG to ensure that the best projects are selected.”

Ashley Gamble, Executive Director of CCLG added, “Supporting research is a key aim for CCLG, and by working in partnership with other charities like The Little Princess Trust, we can increase the range of research we are able to support, helping to find better treatments for children with cancer.”

The Tom Grahame Trust - improving therapy for high risk medulloblastoma

In 2012, we worked with The Tom Grahame Trust, a fund set up following Tom's death from medulloblastoma. They were keen to support world class research most likely to effect real difference to children with medulloblastoma, and sought CCLG's expertise to help.

CCLG managed the international call for applications, and provided rigorous scientific review of applications received. A grant of £90,000 was subsequently awarded to Professor Steve Clifford of Newcastle University and colleagues for their study 'Biomarker and target discovery for the improved therapy of high risk medulloblastoma.

This proposal forms a critical part of an integrated clinical and biological strategy they are developing within the UK and across Europe, aimed at delivery improved outcomes for children with high risk medulloblastoma.

Adam's Hats merger with CCLG

The charity 'Adam's Hats' was set up in 2002 and stimulated international research into adolescent and young adult neuroblastoma, and helped to raise awareness of psychosocial support for children with cancer and their families through a number of partnership projects. In 2011 the Trustees of Adam's Hats decided that the charity's work would be better developed and supported through a larger and broader-based partner. Adam's Hats activity now continues under the auspices of CCLG, and supporters of Adam's Hats continue to fundraise in Adam's name. Residual funds were transferred to CCLG and are used to support research into neuroblastoma, as well as our annual Adam Hay Lecture.