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MONSTER 'FUN'draising

Get your little monsters having fun and raising funds this Halloween!

Monsters For Web-SneakWe're asking children (and big kids!) across the UK to get involved this October for our Halloween MONSTER 'FUN'draising event. As well as raising funds to support our vital work, you'll be helping us to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Monsters For Web-SnaggleWhy not organise a hair-raising event at your school, home or in your local community? Holding a MONSTER 'FUN'draising event this Halloween is a simple way of getting involved and making a difference.

We're here to help with your fundraising. If you want to discuss ideas, or request more materials to support your event, please get in touch.

MONSTER 'FUN'draising ideas

There are lots of fun ways to raise funds for CCLG.

Check out our MONSTER 'FUN'draising ideas

FREE fundraising pack full of posters, games and more!

Fundraising pack

Order your free MONSTER 'FUN'draising pack today. Your kit includes everything you need to organise and promote your MONSTER 'FUN'draising event, including:

  • Monsters For Web-LagoonaOur MONSTER 'FUN'draising guide packed with fun ideas and helpful tips
  • An event poster to help promote your MONSTER event
  • A MONSTER sweepstake game
  • Special MONSTER temporary tattoos!
  • MONSTER colouring sheets to copy - you could have a colouring competition at your event!
  • and lots more, including information about CCLG.

You can also download our MONSTER 'FUN'draising materials at the bottom of this page. You can order extra materials using our online order form or by emailing us at You can also request collection boxes and buckets, stickers, sponsorship forms and more...

Order your free MONSTER 'FUN'draising pack today

We'd love to hear all about your MONSTER 'FUN'draising event

Monsters For Web-StompShare your MONSTER 'FUN'draising pictures with us on our Facebook pagetweet us using the hashtag #MonsterFundraising, or email us at with your story and photos you'd be happy for us to use on our website.

How to send us your donation...

After your MONSTER 'FUN'draising event, there are a few easy ways you can send us your hard-earned funds...

Pay in your MONSTER 'FUN'draising money online

Other ways to pay in your MONSTER 'FUN'draising money

Don't forget...

  • However you pay in your funds, if you have a completed Gift Aid form, please post it to us at the above address so we can claim an extra 25p for every eligible £1 donated.
  • If you're raising funds for one of our Special Named Funds, please let us know so we can allocate your donation correctly

Download fundraising materials

Your free MONSTER 'FUN'draising pack has everything you need to ensure your event is easy and fun. Please contact us if you need extra materials, or download them below. If you're holding a larger event, and would like collection boxes, information about CCLG for your supporters, or CCLG merchandise (like pin badges and wristbands) to sell, you can order these online.

 Monster FUNdraising Booklet

 Monster 'FUN'draising guide


Monster FUNdraising A3 Poster

 Monster 'FUN'draising poster


Monster FUNdraising Sweepstake Game

Monster 'FUN'draising sweepstake game


Monster FUNdraising Donation Form

Monster 'FUN'draising Gift Aid donation form


Monster FUNdraising Colouring Sheets

Monster 'FUN'draising colouring sheets