Girl being looked after by nurse

In hospital

Your child will usually need to spend some time in hospital during their treatment.

All children and young people diagnosed with cancer are treated in one of the 21 specialist hospital centres across the UK and Ireland. If the doctor at your local hospital thinks that your child has cancer, they are likely to send your child to one of these Principal Treatment Centres.

Specialist centres in childhood cancer (Principal Treatment Centres)

Often, some of the treatment which your child receives can be given at your local hospital under the guidance of the nearest specialist centre. This allows your child to be treated closer to home and, more importantly, gives better access to local community support services.

This is called 'shared care' and the local hospitals are known as Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units (POSCU).

Shared care centres

Many different hospital staff will be involved in your child’s care and at first meeting all the staff may seem overwhelming.

Meet the hospital staff

A team of specialists will plan the treatment they feel is best for your child’s condition.

The multidisciplinary team (MDT)

Children’s wards are relaxed and friendly places that give you and your child as positive an experience as possible. You’re likely to get to know the staff well.

Being in hospital