Brain tumours

Brain Tumour Awareness Month

March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month (BTAM).

  • Between 400 and 500 children are diagnosed with brain or spinal tumours each year in the UK.

  • Brain and spinal tumours account for approximately one quarter of all childhood cancers - the most common, after leukaemia

  • Brain and spinal tumours are the most common cause of cancer death in children

This Brain Tumour Awareness Month, help us fund more research into childhood brain tumours.

Text CCLG 3 BTAM to 70300 donate £3 to childhood brain tumour research.

You can also make an online donation below. Let us know in the message box that your donation is for Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

Donate to brain tumour research online 

Support research into a specific type of brain tumour

You can also make a donation to one of our Special Named Funds to support research into a specific type of childhood brain tumour

Edie's Butterfly AppealEdie's Butterfly Appeal 

Raising funds to support research into ependymoma

Text EDIE to 70300 to donate £3

Joel Prince Starlight FundJoel Prince Starlight Fund 

Raising funds to support research into atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour (AT/RT)

Text CCLG 3 JOEL to 70300 to donate £3

Thomas' FundThomas' Fund 

Raising funds to support research into low grade glioma

Text CCLG 3 THOMAS to 70300 to donate £3

Need support?

Brain and spinal tumoursIf your child has been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour, our free booklet, 'My child has a brain or spinal tumour', is here to accompany you through this journey.

It was written with the help of parents and carers who have been through something similar to you. They told us what it was like for them, and what they learned along the way, so that we can share it with you. You can find their experiences and tips throughout the booklet.

It gives an overview of the conditions, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as how to look after your child, yourself and loved ones.

Download or order your free copy