What do I need to know?

We hope that these information sections will help to answer many of the questions you have on surviving cancer as a child, teenager or young adult.

Cancer is treated in different ways and sometimes the treatments can cause long-term problems. 

Follow up and future care

All young adults are entitled to continue into higher education after leaving school, regardless of previous ill health, provided of course you can satisfy the qualification standards.

Education & jobs

Everyone in the UK has rights to protect against discrimination.

Equal opportunities

Questions about life insurance or mortgages?

Life insurance & mortgages

While travelling is fine for most people, there may be some issues to think about beforehand.

Travel & vaccinations

Most survivors of childhood cancer can expect to have a normal sex life and be able to have children.

Fertility & sexual function

By being aware of potential health risks, you have the chance to possibly reduce their impact by changing your lifestyle such as ensuring you eat healthily, take regular exercise and reduce stress levels.

Lifestyle - how to keep healthy

Diagnosis and treatment for cancer is a difficult and stressful time for children, teenagers and young adults and their families.

Feelings & emotions