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Our professional work

CCLG is the UK and Ireland's professional association for those involved in the treatment and care of children with cancer.

Through our membership activities, we provide an active forum for professionals to work together to share best practice and advance education and professional development. Members are able to network with both national and international colleagues for advice and support and receive information and vital updates on specific diseases and treatments. This ensures every child with cancer receives the best possible treatment and care available wherever they live.

CCLG members Dr Steve Lowis and Dr Nicky Thorp explain how CCLG as a professional association supports their work and ensures all children receive the best possible treatment and care. 

 Our membership activities include:

  • Specialist network groups. These are a core part of our professional activities enabling professionals to work with others who share the same clinical interests.
  • Key conferences. We organise a range of meetings each year to ensure members are kept up to date with all the latest developments in cancer care and treatment. Our main annual meeting in January is offers an opportunity for all of our members to network with colleagues from across Britain and Ireland. Our Summer Education Meeting provides an important learning opportunity for members across all disciplines, and features lectures and workshops from key experts. 
  • Professional voice for children and younger teenagers with cancer in the British Isles. We advise governments and other bodies and ensure that we are represented on important groups or in consultations, for example in the area of NHS commissioning of children’s cancer services or the development of NICE quality standards and guidance. 
  • Our online members areaa vital hub for professionals involved in the care of children with cancer, providing a wealth of resources and educational opportunities for our membership. 

Our members work hard to ensure that children and teenagers have a greater chance of survival and a better life after treatment.

Martin EnglishIt is tremendous to have a professional association where I can go to get advice.

Dr Martin English, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Birmingham Children's Hospital