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Welcome to POTG

The Paediatric Oncology Trainees Group (POTG) is a group of trainees with an interest in paediatric oncology.

Membership is informal and although tertiary and shared care Paediatric Oncology trainees form the core of the group, trainees from other disciplines with a particular interest in Paediatric Oncology including general paediatrics, paediatric surgery and haematology are welcome to join.

The aim of the group is to promote interest and education in Paediatric Oncology as well as acting as a valuable forum by which the next generation of doctors caring for children with cancer can meet, get to know each other and share news, views and information.

The POTG meets regularly (twice a year) for a weekend meeting hosted by one of the 21 primary treatment centres around the UK. These meetings serve a number of purposes:

  • Firstly, to provide education and training in Paediatric Oncology with a series of guest lectures based upon the expertise within the host institution.
  • Secondly, to provide a forum to discuss training issues and receive updates from the trainee representative on the RCPCH  Oncology College Specialist Advisory Committee
  • Thirdly, to provide a social setting for trainees to meet.

For further information about the group or queries regarding training issues in Paediatric Oncology please contact Fiona Herd.

Register your interest with the group and gain access to password-protected training and education information
(Details of your current post and stage of training will be requested for registration).

The webpages in this section are password-protected and are accessible by members of POTG only.