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CCLG Tissue Bank

The CCLG Tissue Bank is the UK’s largest unique collection of tumour, DNA and other tissue samples from childhood cancer patients.

Tissue Bank 2016Tissue samples from the CCLG Tissue Bank gives scientists the chance to get as close to the disease as possible – so they can find new diagnostic methods, treatments and cures for childhood cancers. As well as access to tissue, scientists can request anonymised data linked to the sample, including if the donor’s cancer has progressed and the treatments they have received.

Samples are all centrally stored in the Newcastle Academic Health Partners Biobank so there is streamlined access to tissue of childhood tumours.

Further information

Information for patients and families on donating tissue for research

Information for Banking Centres

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Post mortem tissue banking


Current studies

Did you know that over 17,000 samples have been banked since 1998?

Why is the CCLG Tissue Bank so important?

Biological studies rely on samples from patients. As cancer is a rare disease in children, each sample is important. No single hospital would have enough samples to carry out meaningful research, and so a bank of samples is needed. It takes many years to build up a collection of stored samples and researchers need to have ready access to as many as possible from children treated in the past.

Current projects

TomJThe national CCLG Tissue Bank has been vital in supporting many biological research studies. This continues to improve the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancers. This work would not have been possible without the generous tissue donations from patients and their families.

Dr Tom Jacques, Chair of CCLG Biological Studies Group

The tissue samples provided by the CCLG Tissue Bank are essential for scientists to unravel key information about children's cancers, so we can find better and kinder ways to diagnose and treat them.

Lucy Holmes, CRUK Science Information Officer

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The CCLG Tissue Bank is funded by Cancer Research UK and CCLG. We are a member of the NCRI Confederation of Cancer Biobanks, the UKCRC Tissue Directory and the European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking.

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