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Information for patients and families

Donating tissue is vital for researchers looking at the biology of cancers. Any patient wishing to contribute to this important research should be given the opportunity to do so.

The CCLG Tissue Bank has information leaflets for parents and children of different ages to read and decide if they would like to consent for any leftover tissue from solid tumours, including lymphoma, to be banked for research.

Information leaflets for children

 0-7 Leaflet

0 - 7 years old

 8-11 Leaflet

8 - 11 years old

 12-15 Leaflet

12 - 15 years old

Information leaflets for young people and parents    

 16 leaflet

16+ leaflet

 PG leaflet

Parent/guardian leaflet

 PM leaflet

Post mortem tissue

Donating your child's tissue for research

The CCLG Tissue Bank is grateful to all patients and families that consent to donating samples for research and consider this a valuable gift.