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Why we need your support


As a charity we are little known; most people only become aware of us when sadly they have a child, relative or friend who has been diagnosed with childhood cancer or leukaemia. We are therefore extremely grateful for all support received, not only to help continue to fund the work that we do but to also to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

CCLG funds, promotes and supports research into childhood cancer and leukaemia, is a leading producer of information for patients and their families, and is dedicated to supporting the work of those looking after children and teenagers with cancer.

Each week in the UK, more than 30 children are diagnosed with cancer. Despite improvements in survival rates, around two out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive their disease.

Please help us to save more young lives


Supporting research

  • Research is essential for improving diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of all children with cancer and minimising the long-term side effects of treatment.
  • We offer funds and grant to research communities to discover new treatment methods and help push the boundaries to find ways of curing cancer.
  • We support biological research through the CCLG Tissue Bank to give us a better understanding of the nature of childhood cancer.
  • The survival rate for children’s cancer has more than doubled since the 1960s. The clinical trials and laboratory research conducted by our dedicated CCLG members has been a major factor in this improvement.

Supporting families with our award-winning information resources

  • CCLG produces a wide range of publications, available free of charge, to help support patients and their families through their cancer journey.
  • We also produce ‘Contact’, a quarterly magazine for families of children and younger teenagers with cancer. ‘Contact’ acts as an essential source of information and reduces the isolation that families with children diagnosed with a rare disease, such as cancer, inevitable face.
  • Our Information Standard accreditation means we are nationally-recognised as a trustworthy, high-quality information provider for childhood cancer.

Supporting our members to cure even more children

  • Through a network of specialist centres, CCLG members provide the best possible treatment for all children with cancer and leukaemia. They work hard to ensure that children and teenagers have a greater chance of survival and a better life after treatment.
  • Over the last 35 years, our membership has grown to encompass the vast majority of doctors, nurses, researchers and other professionals involved with paediatric oncology in the UK.
  • Through our expert membership, we advocate excellence and equal access to cancer care, promote research and development, and guide and share best practice.

Our supporters are very important to us and are very much valued. For those wishing to fundraise through an event, whether it be taking part in a run or challenge, selling cakes or staging a Charity Ball, we are dedicated to providing as much support and advice as we are able to on the build up to the event through to the day itself.