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Why we need your support


As a charity we are little known; most people only become aware of us when sadly they have a child, relative or friend who has been diagnosed with childhood cancer or leukaemia. We are therefore extremely grateful for all support received, not only to help continue to fund the work that we do but to also to raise awareness of childhood cancer.



Our supporters are very important to us and are very much valued. For those wishing to fundraise through an event, whether it be selling cakes or staging a Charity Ball, we are dedicated to providing as much support and advice as we are able to on the build up to the event through to the day itself.

Survival for children with cancer and leukaemia has improved from around as little as 10% before 1970 to around 75% today. The clinical trials and laboratory research conducted by members of Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) over many years have been a major factor.

CCLG is committed to research and development in the treatment of cancer for children and younger teenagers, but although childhood cancer treatment is rightly regarded as a great success, it should not be forgotten that, still today, three out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive their disease. The ultimate aim of CCLG is to maximise cure while minimising the early and late side effects of treatment.

CCLG has over 500 members, including  paediatric oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, scientists, pharmacists, radiotherapists, radiologists and, more recently, nurses, play specialists, and other non-medical healthcare professionals. All of these individuals are committed though their multidisciplinary teams to improving cure rates by working on new treatment protocols, basic research and day to day treatment and care for children with cancer.

The CCLG Tissue Bank plays an important role in supporting scientific research into children’s cancers by providing a dedicated resource of tumour tissue. Research is essential to advance our understanding and knowledge, and for improving diagnosis, outcome and treatment of all children with cancer

Information for families of children with cancer is an important issue and to help support both the children and their families though the cancer journey, we produce a wide range of award winning publications which are available free of charge. 


Caring for children and curing their cancer remains our goal.