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We have a loyal core of supporters taking part in a range of running, skydiving and other events and obtaining sponsorship to boost the funds raised from their efforts. 

We very much appreciate this type of support and are particularly pleased when we hear that runners and others plan to support CCLG again in future events. 

CCLG also welcomes sponsorship from individuals, charitable trusts, businesses or corporate bodies.  There is a range of options for sponsorship, either individual or in partnership.  This list is not exhaustive, but examples where sponsorship would be welcome include:

  • CCLG Meetings, both national and local
  • Information for families (contribute to our award winning portfolio of information booklets, or Contact magazine)
  • Production costs of CCLG Annual Review and Accounts
  • Website maintenance
  • Fund an international symposium or guest lecture
  • Tumour specific or other Working Group meetings and activities
  • Contribute to our research activity, including the Tissue Bank and Biological Studies
  • Supply promotional items
  • Contribute to the infrastructure costs of CCLG

There may be an opportunity to nominate CCLG as Charity of the Year within your organisation, or to encourage matched giving from any donations raised.

If you have any queries, or have specific ideas about supporting particular areas of our work please do not hesitate to contact us.

Suitable acknowledgement of sponsorship is always given, including, where applicable, inclusion of organisational logo.