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Corporate Sponsorship









CCLG is delighted to have two Corporate Sponsors. Their support is very much appreciated.


Forum of Private Business is a proactive, not-for-profit organisation, providing comprehensive business support, protection and reassurance to small to medium-sized businesses across the UK. FPB supports CCLG by operating a Give as You Earn scheme for its employees.


Ion Science are a UK manufacturer of technology advanced gas detectors used to detect hazardous gases within a wide number of industrials including: petrochemical, chemical processing, environmental and emergency response. Ion Science is proud to support CCLG and contributes to the charity on a monthly basis. For more information on Ion Science visit


CCLG welcomes sponsorship from businesses or corporate bodies.  There is a range of options for sponsorship. This list is not exhaustive, but examples where sponsorship would be welcome include:

  • CCLG Meetings, both national and local
  • Information for families (contribute to our award winning portfolio of information booklets, or Contact magazine)
  • Production costs of CCLG Annual Review and Accounts
  • Website maintenance
  • Fund an international symposium or guest lecture
  • Tumour specific or other Working Group meetings and activities
  • Contribute to our research activity, including the Tissue Bank and Biological Studies
  • Support Emily’s Big Walk 2012, a major national event taking place in September 2012
  • Supply promotional items, for example, medals for Emily’s Big Walk
  • Contribute to the infrastructure costs of CCLG
  • Start a Give as you Earn scheme for employees
  • There may be an opportunity to nominate CCLG as Charity of the Year within your organisation, or to encourage matched giving from any donations raised
  • Start a Give as you Earn scheme for employees

If you have any queries, or have specific ideas about supporting particular areas of our work, either the CCLG Executive Director, or a member of the Finance Team would be delighted to talk to you. Please contact us

Suitable acknowledgement of sponsorship is always given, including, where applicable, inclusion of organisational logos.