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Published: October 2015
Next review: October 2018
This booklet covers the three main areas of concern for grandparents - questions on the nature of childhood cancer and its causes, ways in which grandparents can help their families and how grandparents themselves can get support.


To be told that your grandchild has cancer comes as a terrible shock. Most grandparents worry not only about the ill child, but also about how their own son/daughter will cope. Most are also concerned about the effects it will have on any other children within the family, and of course, how, as grandparents, they themselves will cope.


Parents of the ill child usually have access to doctors and others who can answer their questions. It is not as easy for grandparents to get information first hand and this can lead to feelings of isolation. While the internet may provide useful information, not all of it is reliable. This booklet tries to answer some of the many questions grandparents have.


This booklet was originally written by Sue Ablett and Katherine Green. This edition was reviewed and edited by the CCLG Publications Committee, comprising multiprofessional experts in the field of children’s cancer.


2005 BMA Patient Information Award - Highly Commended

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