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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

4th December 2012
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

In the UK and Ireland, one child in 600 develops cancer or leukaemia - that's around 1,700 new cases a year. Sadly, three out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive.

December is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and CCLG members work tirelessly in caring and supporting children and young people, and their parents, families and carer, through their treatment. The aim is to not only cure cancer but also to limit the long-term effects from treatment through research and clinical trials.

Survival for children with cancer in the UK has improved dramatically from less than 10% in 1970 to nearly 80% today. This astounding success is attributed to national collaborations spearheaded by CCLG over the last few decades and the crucial role of our members.

To highlight this amazing achievement over the last few decades, we have published 'Milestones in childhood cancer in the UK and Ireland'.

What do our members do?

'Caring for children - curing their cancer' is our priority. CCLG brings together all relevant healthcare professionals to share best practice, advocate excellence and promote research and development. These include consultant oncologists, doctors, haematologists, paediatric nurses and radiographers as well as pathololgists and surgeons.

Find out more about what the daily lives of our members might entail ...

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