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Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group is a leading children’s cancer charity and the UK and Ireland’s professional association for those involved in the treatment and care of children with cancer.

Over the last 40 years, CCLG has played a key role in the major improvements in survival rates and the standards of care for children so that over 80% of children are now cured. We are the central hub for childhood cancer through the specialist expertise of our members.

We receive no permanent funding and are reliant on our valued supporters. 

CCLG members and consultant paediatric oncologists Dr Martin English and Dr Steve Lowis explain the important role that CCLG plays in the care and treatment of children with cancer. 

CCLG members represent all disciplines involved in the care of children with cancer and are based in, or linked to, a network of principal treatment centres across the UK and Ireland. It is in these centres that the majority of children with cancer are treated. There are also a number of overseas members.

Organisational strategy and oversight of all the activities of CCLG is managed by the CCLG Executive, comprising a Chair and six members elected from among the membership, and the CCLG Executive Director.

As a registered charity, our Board of Trustees, independent of the CCLG membership, has responsibility for oversight and management of the charity's finances and property, and administration of the charity according to charity law. A member of the CCLG Executive, designated as 'Treasurer', is a full Trustee to provide a link between these two groups.

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The professional association for those involved in the treatment and care of children with cancer

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Our Annual Review 2015

CCLG Annual Review 2015

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