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Organisation of CCLG

CCLG members represent all disciplines involved in the care of children with cancer and are based in, or linked to, a network of principal treatment centres across the UK and Ireland. It is in these centres that the majority of children with cancer are treated.

There are also a number of overseas members.

Oversight of all the activities of CCLG is carried out by an Executive Group, elected from among the membership, which includes three Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as other elected members. The CCLG Executive Director is ex officio a member of the Executive Group.

A number of different working groups, such as Biological Studies, Publications, or Late Effects, lead on the different areas of activity carried out within CCLG. Each of the different childhood tumours is represented by a Special Interest Group.

Linking up with colleagues is important to members, and a number of meetings are held each year to allow updates on key issues, to enhance professional education, and for networking or discussion of difficult cases.

The Coordinating Centre, based within the University of Leicester, houses the Secretariat and team supporting the Tissue Bank and biological studies.

A new group for supporters of CCLG, and who are not eligible for membership of CCLG, has recently been set up – The Friends of CCLG. There is no fee to register, but membership of The Friends will give you an opportunity to keep up to date with what we are doing. 

The CCLG Constitution contains more information about the aims and organisation of the Group. 

Financial support

CCLG receives no permanent funding and is heavily reliant on its fundraisers. The work of CCLG continues to expand and there is a constant need for financial support.

CCLG is a registered charity (No. 286669) and, therefore, able to receive donations. We can channel donations towards specific areas of our work if donors wish. We are always happy to discuss specific requests.