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CCLG Information Statement

Policy Statement - 23/08/11

The CCLG recognises the importance of the requirements of the Information Standard and values its contribution to the improvement of health and social care information produced for the public. 

The CCLG Mission Statement (April 2009) clearly states the important role that information provision has within the organisation:  “CCLG is committed to continuing to support this activity (i.e. production of high quality, professional information booklets and leaflets for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals), retaining its leadership position, and ensuring that material produced remains relevant, accessible and free of charge to all.”

In fulfilling that aspiration, CCLG is fully committed to the key requirements of the Information Standard, as defined in Clause 1, i.e. a commitment to:

  • produce good quality information;
  • ensure that all the information covered by the scope of the information production system meets the requirements of this Standard;
  • review all information materials for continuing suitability and update them as necessary;
  • ensure that all those involved in producing the information are aware of, and comply with, the policy statement and the requirements of the Standard;
  • maintain records to show acknowledgement of the policy statement and its implications by those involved in producing the information.

In addition those responsible for, or involved in, production of information within CCLG have a commitment to:

  • ascertain a definite need for any new proposed information resource;
  • avoid duplication by ensuring that no similar product already exists;
  • ensure that all information resources produced meet the needs of the target audience in terms of format, language, style, design, media type;
  • ensure maximum accessibility of all information, either in hard copy or via the website;
  • maximise resource and expertise, including, where appropriate, working in partnership;
  • secure sponsorship so that all CCLG publications can be made available to recipients free of charge;
  • ensure that publications produced represent value for money for the organisation.

By fulfilling these commitments we believe that CCLG will continue to meet the information needs of its target audience, i.e. primarily families of children and young people with cancer; and maintain its reputation as a reputable information producer and provider.

Disclaimer: CCLG shall hold responsibility for the accuracy of the information we publish and neither the Information Standard Scheme Operator nor the Scheme Owner shall have any responsibility whatsoever for costs, losses or direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccurary of information or omissions in information published on the website on behalf of CCLG.