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Becoming a CCLG member

Belonging to CCLG is central to the role of any healthcare professional working in the area of childhood cancer.  Membership reflects your professional status and also your desire to embrace the key aim of CCLG – caring for children, curing their cancer.

By becoming a member of CCLG, you will have the opportunity to:

  • benefit children and young people diagnosed with cancer in the UK and Ireland through development of the highest standards of care;
  • influence best practice, either within your own discipline, or collectively;
  • contribute to strategy through membership of CCLG Committees, including special interest groups;
  • promote the discipline of paediatric oncology;
  • enjoy the benefits of networking and shared discussion, for example about difficult cases, through CCLG meetings and website;
  • gain from the support and experience of other members;
  • be supported in your professional development;
  • enjoy regular updates on areas of interest;
  • gain expertise across a wide range of areas;
  • advocate on behalf of children with cancer, and their families;
  • contribute to the award-winning range of information booklets for families and healthcare professionals;
  • input into the CCLG website or regular Newsletters.

Together, the collective membership of CCLG has a powerful voice in raising the profile of paediatric oncology, developing and improving standards of care, and advancing the discipline. How can I join?

CCLG membership subscriptions are tax deductable. 


 Take a look at our membership leaflet - read more ...




Non-healthcare professionals, who are interested and wish to be involved in the work of CCLG, are not eligible for membership, but are encouraged to join the Friends of CCLG.