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Information Standard

We achieved Information Standard accreditation in October 2011 and are now nationally recognised as a high-quality information provider for childhood cancer.

BMA Patient Information Awards

A number of CCLG publications have achieved outstanding success at the BMA annual awards and received the following awards and commendations:

Award winners

2012  Sport and Exercise for Children and Young People with Cancer: A Parent's Guide
2011  Managing Symptoms at Home - Patient Information Resource of the Year (Runner-Up)
2008  Children with Cancer and Pets
2006  A Parent's Guide to Children's Cancers

Highly Commended (shortlisted for Award)

2014  Aftercure: A guide for teenage and young adult survivors of childhood cancer
2013  I have a friend who has cancer
2008  Choices - When it seems there are none
2008  Facing the Death of Your Child
2007  Biological Studies and Tumour Banking
2005  Grandparents


2011  Helping Your Child to Eat
2010  Ruby's Stem Cell Journey
2009  A Guide to Clinical Trials
2009  Follow Up - A Guide for Parents
2009  Jess's Bone Marrow Donation

Association of Social Care Communicators

2012  Sport and Exercise for Children and Young People with Cancer: A Parent's Guide

British Association of Communicators in Business Awards

Award of Excellence

2009  Contact magazine
2002  Contact magazine
2001  Contact magazine
2000  Contact magazine

Certificate of Merit

2008  Contact magazine
2005  Contact magazine

Class Winner

2000  Contact magazine

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CCLG Annual Review 2015

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Information standard

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