Georgie B

The Georgie B Fund

Georgie B fund for websiteThe Georgie B fund is inspired by George Burgess to help CCLG fund research into childhood cancer.

George was two years old when he was diagnosed with a Wilms' tumour in his left kidney. A normal, happy two year old, George showed no signs or symptoms of having a life threatening illness. His cancer was detected upon investigation of a varicose type vein that occasionally appeared in his left testicle/scrotum. 

Following surgery to remove his left kidney, George’s tumour was diagnosed as stage 1, intermediate risk. He completed his treatment in November 2015 and continues to do well.

Fully aware of the role research played in the success of George’s treatment, George’s parents have set up The Georgie B fund to say “thank you” and to help with the fight against childhood cancer. 

Fifty per cent of funds raised will to go towards research into Wilms' tumours, and fifty per cent towards research into other types of childhood cancer. 

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