Ryan Walker

Special Named Funds: Our support

Setting up a Special Named Fund at CCLG is straightforward, and means that you can raise funds for an area of our work, including research into a particular type of childhood cancer, that means the most to you.

SNF imagesAfter their cancer experiences, many families think about how they can give something back in celebration, support or memory of their child. Some families consider setting up their own charity. For many, a Special Named Fund at CCLG is a great alternative, allowing you to focus on fundraising for what matters to you, without the potential burden and costs of setting up and running a charity, all while taking advantage of the support and resources of CCLG. You can also be safe in the knowledge that the funds you raised will be well looked after and spent.

Each of our Special Named Funds is different, and we are able to offer a wide range of support, depending on what's right for you. This might include:

  • An online fundraising hub, so that friends, family and supporters can make donations directly to the fund, or start their own fundraising page for events they organise or take part in, all linked to your fund. 
  • A page on our website, giving more information about your fund.
  • More ways to donate, including by Direct Debit and text message. 
  • Bespoke printed materials to promote your fund and use at events, for example, posters, display banners, etc.
  • Bespoke imagery for your social media channels, if you choose to have them.
  • A logo for your fund, if you wish. 
  • Access to our wide range of fundraising events, from skydiving to runs and our national campaigns like Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Christmas Jumpers for Children's Cancer, with all funds raised going to your fund. 
  • Free fundraising materials for you and your supporters, including collection tins and buckets, t-shirts and running vests, and CCLG merchandise to sell - with all funds raised going directly to your fund. 

Supporters who are raising funds for Special Named Funds can expect the same high levels of support and service we pride ourselves in giving to all of our fundraisers.

There's no minimum fundraising target, or expectation you will raise a certain amount each year. Some of our funds are very active, and some are smaller, and that's fine!    

There's no management fee or 'skimming' costs - in fact, we even absorb the 'behind the scenes' costs of fundraising, such as debit/credit card donation fees - so for every £1 raised for your fund, £1 can be spent in your chosen area. Some of our Special Named Funds choose to allocate a percentage of their fundraising to our 'general fund', which supports all areas of our work, for children with all types of cancer - this is up to individual funds to decide. 

You'll have a dedicated contact person at CCLG who can provide you with support or advice about fundraising. We keep a record of all donations made to your fund (people can also donate directly to us, for example by cheque, and as long as they let us know the funds are for your fund, we will ensure they are included in the total).

If your fundraising for research into a particular type of childhood cancer, you can rest assured that our robust research decision making process ensures we only fund important, world-class scientific research that will lead to benefit for children. A Special Named Fund can also raise money to support other areas of our work, for example our world-leading publications for patients and families. 

If you would like to start a Special Named Fund, or have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Ashley Gamble, on 0116 252 5858 or email ag369@le.ac.uk.