Finlay's Fund

Our son Finlay was diagnosed early 2015 (aged 13 months) with a form of kidney cancer known as a Wilms tumour, and was subsequently admitted to Ward 2 (Oncology) at the Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital. The treatment, care and love that Finlay has been given throughout his treatment of this dreadful disease has been incredible.

Finlay ProfileWe were very fortunate in that Finlay's condition was treatable and he was given the 'all-clear' in November 2015 after a nephrectomy and 8 months of chemotherapy. We are now into a five year monitoring phase to make sure the cancer hasn't returned.

Looking to turn a negative into a positive, Anna and I would like to do as much as we possibly can to raise money the for the Children's Cancer and Leukemia Group (CCLG) as we feel indebted to organisations that provide specific research into childhood cancers. Unlike many of the other cancer charities, CCLG are focused on childhood cancer and have played a key role in the success seen in the world of children's cancer so that now over 80% of children are cured. But there are still some childhood cancers with a poor outlook, and some treatments can have long-lasting and devastating side effects. Further research is vital to improve survival rates and to find kinder treatments.

Many of our friends and families have been fantastic in helping us raise money for a previous charity and have shown an interest again in helping Anna and I raise money for this charity too. So we have created this page not only for ourselves, but for anyone that knows us and would like to get involved to help us raise funds for the CCLG.

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