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Elliott's Warrior Fund

Elliotts Warrior Fund LogoElliott’s Warrior Fund at CCLG has been created to raise money for important research into childhood leukaemia.

This is for Elliott and all the Warriors that he has met on his journey and for all those who will experience this heart breaking journey.

IMG 1065 cropped"Our beautiful boy Elliott was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in August 2014 a month after his 5th birthday. Elliott had just finished his first year in Reception when he became unwell. Initially he just had a temperature on and off and was extremely tired but to start with we just thought he was worn out from his first year at school. We took him to the doctors who initially prescribed a course of antibiotics but when we returned luckily the doctors instinct told her Elliott wasn’t well so we were sent to hospital.  Early hours of the next morning we were told that they suspected Elliott had leukaemia but we would go to Addenbrookes in the morning where they would carry out a lumbar puncture to take bone marrow to confirm that it was leukaemia and what type. 

Later that day it was confirmed that it was the most common form, ALL, and that he would undergo treatment for just over 3 years, he had his first dose of chemotherapy that day. I will never forget hearing those words and that day our lives changed forever.   

The first six months of treatment were extremely intense involving blood transfusions, lumbar punctures, high doses of steroids, antibiotics, antifungal, preventative antibiotics and 145 doses of chemotherapy given in various different forms, orally, injected into the spine under a general anaesthetic, directly into the blood stream through a cannula or Hickman line and injected into muscles. At this time Elliott lost all his hair and became unrecognisable to the little boy he was before treatment however Elliott still continued to smile.  As a parent it is devastating to watch and we would have done anything to take away everything that he had to go through.

IMG 3565 croppedIn February 2015 Elliott then started the maintenance phase of treatment which was not as intense but still involved approximately 440 doses of chemo a year unless his weekly blood results were too low when all chemo would have to be stopped. 

When I put into words what he has been through it is difficult to comprehend but whilst the treatment continues to be successful we know how lucky we are and to contemplate the alternative is unimaginable.  We are truly blessed that his treatment continues to work and we can only hope that the side effects will be minimal.  We count our blessings every day and are hoping and praying with all our hearts and more that Elliott will be completely cancer free in October this year (2017).  However, we are all too aware that things can change in an instant and devastatingly some of the children Elliott has met along his journey have not been so lucky and gained their angel wings way too soon, those children will remain in our hearts forever.

Our hope is to raise money to continue to improve the treatments and find a cure for childhood leukaemia so in the future families will always receive a positive prognosis."

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