This means finding out if your child has cancer and, if so, what type of cancer they have. Doctors will do this by assessing your child and their symptoms, and by doing tests.

When your child has symptoms that could be caused by cancer, they will be referred by their GP or local hospital to one of the following specialists:

  • a paediatrician, who specialises in treating children
  • a paediatric oncologist, who specialises in treating children with cancer
  • a paediatric haematologist, who specialises in treating blood disorders

Most children with cancer will be treated in a Principal Treatment Centre within a hospital. Teenagers may be treated in a unit specially designed for teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Marie HowardWhen Jonathan was diagnosed with leukaemia, it was a massive shock to us. What a world away from playing with his little brother on a hot sunny day just 24 hours earlier!

Marie, mum of Jonathan diagnosed with ALL

Tests and scans


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